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it's about me and Beck.


*introducing... the end of your life* I, Tron, my roots I'm rememberin, known the chicken bone man since awaybackwhen, dispensin lyrics like homies be dropping out a fifty cent vending machine screamin, "What's Happening?!" Hominid kids got that liquid, they R & they B and they ridin for an eyesore! *my purpose is to dispense lyrics, dispense lyrics upon the population... voice module activated* Who would I be if it didn't affect me, tolerance so high I wind up blindin my eyes, leakin fumes all over the room, all pervasive, argument so coherent, so seductive, persuasive. Arrivin on the coattails of a premonition, fear the god and feed the ammunition to the love-starved souls packin the bowls with oregano, paddin the sack with sawdust, it's sacrilege you know and I got wisecracks to go and nothin to show for it, they utilize the futile lives and there you go! Swappin colors with the backdrop, camouflagin with the black top, Black, how you adapt, and not burn red runnin? Runnin on the puddle of blood! Pumpin out from the center of the heart, it is the epicenter of a throbbin metropolis, gushin affluence, bleedin liquid diamonds, really appreciatin, steadily climbin, gettin down and out with the poverty stricken, drinkin cans of intoxicants, continuously sickenin! Pickin out the seeds like an herbivore, I M & I C and I'm livin in an eyesore! Rockin your apartment complex likek Napoleon, I'm a demon, a lion, a disappearin chameleon, announcin outside like an outdated loudspeaker, a trap with a cheeseburger to catch a mythical creature. Swappin colors with the backdrop, camouflagin with the blacktop, Black, how you adapt, and not burn red runnin? Runnin on the puddle of blood! The heat we secrete will make your 45s warp, we R & we B, we workin on an eyesore! Beleaguered by the mannequin, phantom digit, no brainer, deliverin the ransom, an incredible entertainer, my main minstrel, survivin the semifinals, providin the stylus, thrivin on audiophiles, derivin inspiration from a scandalous birthright, prevailin wisdom sold secondhand, roadside assistance on the way, called Triple-A, waitin all day writin pages, playin at panhandlin for your daily wages, Information independent of psychopharmocology, Mutations resplendent, Scientology's refugee! They R & they B, I M & I C, U R OK. They R & they B, I M & I C, U R OK. U R OK, U R OK, U R OK.


from Adult Contemporary, released January 1, 2011
introduction by The Fosh




Tom Florida Austin, Texas

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