by Tom Florida

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CREEPY PEOPLE / HUMAN ON HUMANOID - Inspired by conversations with the Foundation for Extraterrestrial Investigations. It's not: Are they here? It's: Why are they here? This song hopes to have answered that.

THAT'S WHY - Reason.

HOLLOWBODY- This song is dedicated to my guitar, Big Maude. May she always strum a true chord.

SOMEFIN- Post-Industrial Blues.

SHAMAN SONG - The thief, the soldier, and the medicine man.

BLUEBONNETS BROWN - This Texas flower shines like the blue sky. But don't pick it; you may just have to answer to the state trooper and the judge.

THE ENGRAVER - Zen, for Esme.

OBLIVIOUS - What's your favorite way to pursue oblivion? Tell me at

MORE THAN ONE - Cut from a live studio jam using Boss DR-670 drum machine, Yamaha BB bass guitar, Korg Monotron mini synth, Omnichord electronic instrument, and Digitech Vocal 300 processor.

MIXED MESSAGES - New Orleans, Summer 2010.

Tom Florida and I'm back. Here is the final version of Autocorrect, originally released as a series of special edition singles, now the complete sequel to Adult Contemporary, written and recorded in Austin and New Orleans, 2010-2012


released November 22, 2012




Tom Florida Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Human On Humanoid
Sun up on the globalized medicine
Grew the fruit on the more resistant stem
Isn't it interesting?
You never resisted it...

Creepy people in the cornfields
Shark-eyed and silent
And they're peeping in the windows
They like it under cloaks
They boast an unhealthy glow

Genitalia vestigial
Been so long since they got it on
Human on humanoid
In the dim, in the mirror

They are here, ancestors

They are here mostly to molest us

Isn't it interesting?
You never resisted it
Track Name: That's Why
How many times a week do you see a man trippin? Trippin over his own two feet? Every day I see this, everywhere I see this, every day I day I day I... And after the sun goes down, I see the streetlights flicker out. It's because I was watchin, it's because I was walkin by. Actually believe my mind can calculate so quickly, yeah, create so accidentally. Fabricate an explanation, can't allow it or accept that I am so instrumental... here. And after the sun goes down, I see the streetlights flicker out. It was an act of god, only natural, coincidental? No!!!!! It was me who made you, me who made you fall. It was me who made you, it was me who made you fall. It was me who made you, me who made you fall. It was me who made you, it was me who made you fall.
Track Name: Hollowbody
The tainted thread runs through all that's pure, I should know, I put it there. What I bought and discarded, what I took and I hoarded, what I caught, how I spread it, how I made it and spent it... What are the damages, then, and will you take a check?

I give blood on the bus
Donate my organs at the supermarket
I always do my part
They even took the heart!

Oooooh, Hollowbody
That's what they call me
Ain't nobody gonna be tellin me to stay hungry
Hey hey hey I ain't playin!

I give blood on the bus
Donate my organs at the supermarket
I always do my part
They even took the heart
Identification cards
To take a number at the health department
Forgoing all anesthesia
Undergoing the procedure!
Track Name: Somefin
Everybody get to kill somefin... 'cept me. You want me to let that bug be, you want me to free me - Oh! Everybody get to kill somefin... 'cept me.

Fisherman get to gut that fish
Butcher be left with nuffin
But Slaughter Man he no gonna stinge,
He take Butcher Man with him huntin.

Soldier Man do it for defense,
For Policeman, more paperwork,
Runnin for Governor, big Business Man,
He sign the paper for the electric chair, yeah!
Work it.

You place the order
You bought a murder
They break it off your paycheck

I only wanna crush a bug,
Only a bug, only a bug.
I only wanna crush a bug.
Only a bug, only a bug.
I only wanna crush a bug.
Only a bug, only a bug.
I only wanna crush a bug.
Only a bug, only a bug.
I only wanna crush a bug.
Track Name: Shaman Song
In another life, I was a criminal. Got my start in hot commods, knockin off a pawn shop, and another, but I never pulled a piece on a manager. The way we'd do it was, we'd tamper with their locks and the electronics and their security circuitry. Huh - now I'm in nanobionics... All these codes in me...

No, that was in another reality, when I hacked into the DOD to reclaim my taxes, along with whatever dividends an occupation extends to its investors whose sons are not the men they're sending into shrapnel infested dens... They're not.

In another dimension, I was a veteran. Reinventing myself through flashbacks, post-traumatic panic attacks, rifling through my jackets for things that used to be in my pockets. Keys and quarters, a pen and a battered notepad: things that I could hold in my hands... But they've all been supplanted by this information implanted by the government cheese and their surgery bay lackeys. Need-to-know? This basis is wish-I-didn't, and I took it to a black market doctor to extract these...

Wait. That was in a different existence when they botched the operation (, fused this new technology to my psyche. Military-grade machinery in miniature met millions of generations neural network development and now... I embody the singularity...
All these codes in me, I'm composed of these...

In another millennium, I am a shaman.
Track Name: Bluebonnets Brown
Five wildflowers that I found for you
Down by the storm pond where they'd spring up
Planted in a can with some water and sand
Migrated later to your measuring cup

Two young lovers in the afternoon
Under an awning in the spring sun
See me walk by, storm follow behind,
They hear me call for you or someone

How long did they stand their little tall?
Did you ever want them at all?
I wonder how much time it took to turn those
Bluebonnets brown
Track Name: The Engraver
what is it that you seek? illumination or buoyancy? tuning in to distant stations for stature, caste, understanding, and/or joy? possible or desirable to live your entire life on fire?

none of our love could save her.
whatever you have to say, love,
leave it with the engraver.
Track Name: Oblivious
The coma,
The summons,
The time and the tremors,
The waking,
The damaging,
The steadily medicating,
The wreck and recriminating,
The talk of the mitigating,
The word and the breaking,
The running.

Forever the running.

They finalize the severance,
Administer the breathalyzer,
Authorize a visitation,
Penalize: probation.

The drugging,
The drinking,
The sex and the sleeping,
The laughing,
The loving,
Forever, the nothing.

It was all just to be

For nothing.
Track Name: Mixed Messages
Wait, wait, don't shoot!
I am just the messenger.
"Set it free or set it on fire," it said...

Miss Universe, you keep sending me
Mixed messages,
You keep sending me...